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Understanding insurance can be difficult. Our FAQs may help ease the process.

Common Insurance Questions

We developed a list of frequently asked questions to help inform you on finding the best coverage possible.

Does Finders Insurance charge for making a payment through the office?

No, never. Finders Insurance does charge you for a service that the Insurance Carrier compensates us to do for you.

What is SR22 or Financial Responsibility?

An SR22 certificate (otherwise known as financial responsibility) is a document provided to the Department of Licensing by insurance companies to verify you have an active insurance policy. SR22’s are something a state can require for serious traffic violations such as a DUI. Most states require it if you’re caught driving without insurance.

If I get a ticket are my rates going to increase?

It all depends, sometimes insurance companies don’t run your Motor Vehicle Report every time your policy renews. If you see your rates increase for a violation though just give us a call and we’ll be happy to shop for your best rate with all the best companies!

What is a Broadform?

A broadform allows you to insure yourself to drive most owned and non-owned vehicles. This is a great option if you often switch vehicles as they never have to be listed on the policy. Some exclusions apply, give us a call to find out what kind of insurance would suit you best!

How do I get my license back after a DUI?

There are a lot of factors that come into play when getting your license back. We recommend looking at your options at If you need help or have more questions about the process one of our agents would be more than happy to guide you through the relicensing process.

What is the best way to keep an inventory of my belongings? (Renters or Homeowners)

We highly recommend It is a free service that allows you to create your own account to store receipts, itemized lists and more. If anything happens to your belongings this list will help you file an accurate claim and get more back. If you have any questions about how to go about listing your belongings feel free to give us a call!

How can I keep my auto insurance rates low?

The best you can do to try and keep your insurance rates down is to keep your driving record as clean as possible and improve your credit score. Other factors that can impact your rates are the vehicle and your zip code. If you are ever curious about how these things can affect your insurance rates give us a call and we can run a quick quote.

Don’t see what you are looking for?

Give us a call at 1-877-777-6600. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any insurance questions you may have! You can also visit any one of our 5 locations in SpokaneSpokane ValleyPascoKennewick and Vancouver.